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Water Monitoring Systems and Remote Sensor Equipment News – April 2017

Tools.Valarm.net Remote Monitoring Air Quality Water Pollution Industrial IoT Monitor Sensors 4Water Monitoring Systems are being deployed and installed around the United States. Take a gander at this write-up on a new city water monitoring system in Bismarck.

Water monitoring systems save money for your government, business organization, company, or city by saving employees and staff the time needed to go to every water meter for manual readings. Water flow meters and utility meters give your teams any readings from the network, at any time.

Suspicious water leaks are happening in Texas. At least according to the Mayor in Kemp, recent water line breaks are suspicious in nature.

Sabotaging or attacking a public water system and supplies is a terroristic attack according to this article, which has more details on why the city’s citizens need to boil water or purchase water in bottles until water quality can be checked and system pressure restored.

Tools.Valarm.net Remote Monitoring Air Quality Water Pollution Industrial IoT Monitor Sensors 7Water wells in Pennsylvania are part of fresh, new water monitoring programs. Water data and information from public water systems and groundwater systems will help in determining groundwater sources, movement patterns and characteristics.

Deployments and developments like this around the USA are critical for industrial organizations, regulatory agencies, public officials and representatives. See this story for more info.

Helping businesses conserve water and predict water expenses is more important every day. You, your teams, and your organization have more options and choices for monitoring water, like tools for business analytics and data used for monetizing water risk.

Total dissolved solids (TDS), and other unwanted minerals and nutrients, like ammonia or salt, are things you don’t want too much of in your water supply. Companies like Microsoft are getting involved in water quality risk tools you can learn more about here. Demand for monitoring water is steadily increasing and today’s Industrial Internet of Things / IoT sensors make it easier and more affordable for you.


Tools.Valarm.net Water Monitoring Wells Depths Flow Meters Industrial IoT Internet of Things Applications Water Resources Management Sensors Map DashboardWater monitoring systems with Tools.Valarm.net provide an easy-to-use, cost-effective solutions for you, your teams, and your organization.

Take a gander at this Page on Remotely Monitoring Water and Fluids.

industrial-iot-remote-monitoring-sensor-telemetry-tools-valarm-net-water-air-quality-sensorsWhether you need to receive e-mail or text message alerts, analyze historical water data, view what’s going on with your water in a web dashboard, or anything else, we’re happy to help you with your remote monitoring needs.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us at Info@Valarm.net if you’ve got any questions on remotely monitoring water, air quality, industrial equipment, assets, or anything else!


Remotely Monitoring Water, Fluids, IoT Sensor Devices, and Environmental Issues

Water Monitoring

water-monitoring-industrial-internet-of-things-devices-sensors-cloud-gateway-valarm-telemetry-remote-monitor-fluids-assets-2Water is your precious resource. For you, your family, your business, teams, and organizations. Are we running out? If so, when?

How can you and I help with effective water monitoring?

You’ll learn more in the stories about water innovation and conservation. Get ready to get wet with water issues.

According to this article 80% of California’s water is used for agriculture. Lake Cachuma, a giant reservoir near Santa Barbara, California, is almost empty. Reservoirs like this 1 are critical for your drinking water.

Now in many states such as Texas, Nevada, and California, water rate hikes are happening. This story explains how small businesses are suffering and water bills and prices are spiking.

The state of Maryland has given West Virginia full access to the Potomac River’s water. Here the WSJ tells how this 400 year old fight has ticked off consumer products companies like Procter & Gamble Co.

How can you and your organization effectively monitor water and fluids?

Take advantage of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices and sensors!

You can easily monitor water, fluids, air quality, vehicles, trucks, trailers…any assets.

Twater-monitoring-industrial-internet-of-things-devices-sensors-cloud-gateway-valarm-telemetry-remote-monitor-fluids-assets-1oday’s technologies make it easier and more cost-effective than ever to literally monitor anything, anywhere. IIoT gives your organization rapidly deployable monitoring solutions for whatever you need to monitor with water, whether it’s:

What Now?

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