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Flood Warning Systems Monitoring Water Levels With IoT Sensors

Water-Monitoring-IoT-Sensors-Flood-Warning-Systems-Valarm-Tools-Cloud-Water-Levels-Tools.Valarm.net-47Water levels are rising. Flooding is happening more often year after year.

Whether it’s hurricanes, glaciers melting, climate change,  or anything else, we do know  1 thing for  sure   — that water levels will continue to rise in the future.

Monitoring water levels with flood warning systems is more crucial than  ever.

What’s the most effective way to monitor water levels?

Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) sensor systems give you, your teams, and your organization the most effective solution for monitoring water.

Flood Warning Systems IoT Sensors Monitoring Water Levels Valarm Tools Cloud Tools.Valarm.net

The  IoT has come of age, and this means that your organization can rapidly deploy cost-effective water monitoring systems.

In the photos here you’re seeing additional flood warning systems that have been installed in recent weeks on the east coast of the USA.

These flood warning systems are in Smart Cities like Virginia Beach and Newport News in the state of Virginia.

Flood Warning Systems IoT Industrial Remote Monitoring USA Coast River Bridge Valarm Tools.Valarm.net Water Levels SensorsFlood warning systems report water level measurements at regular time intervals. IoT water level sensors upload readings to cloud-based systems like Tools.Valarm.net where authorities, clients, citizens, and anyone else who needs the information can view, map, graph, or use IoT APIs to view  critical information  on dashboards on your computer, tablet, or phone.

Deploying and installing water level monitoring systems  for flood warnings

You, your teams, and your organization  can rapidly deploy water level monitoring systems with cost-effective Industrial IoT sensors. For 10 years, we’ve been helping government agencies, businesses, and organizations all around the world to use sensor monitoring systems to save lives, time, and money.

Send me a message at Edward@Valarm.net and I’ll let you know if Tools.Valarm.net / Valarm Tools Cloud is a good fit for you.

Water Shortages, Droughts, Floods, and Cowboys Transporting Icebergs

Water is a hot issue today. No matter where you live, it seems like there’s not enough or too much.  What’s going on? Are we actually seeing important changes or is today’s hyper-connected society just making us feel like catastrophes are happening constantly?

Tools.Valarm.net Remote Monitoring Systems Water Air Quality Industrial IoT Monitor Sensors 65This article explains how America has a water crisis that’s making water cost too much money for millions of families. You’ve probably heard about what happened in Flint, Michigan. The story explains how a third of Americans won’t be able to afford to pay for their water by 2020.

The high costs are mostly due to out dated infrastructure and water pipe networks that need to be upgraded around the country. You can see water districts are already trying to increase water bill rates by 83% in Sacramento.

Tools.Valarm.net Remote Monitoring Systems Water Air Quality Industrial IoT Monitor Sensors 66However, lots of rain and rising water levels have made it hazardous for fishermen or any boats to go out on Lake Ontario. They’ve got massive flooding and way too much water. Events have been canceled in New York since the lake is dangerous. Even recreational boaters have been negatively impacted and are delaying going out in the water.

Tools.Valarm.net Remote Monitoring Systems Water Air Quality Industrial IoT Monitor Sensors 54You’ve probably heard about drought conditions in California over recent years. Now Nestle’s Arrowhead water has been called out with challenges around how much money they’re making by bottling and selling California’s water. Is this because public agencies and government entities have dropped the ball? You can decide for yourself about the sustainability of water and how renewable of a resource it is. How much profit should gigantic multinational businesses be allowed to gain from public natural resources?

Tools.Valarm.net Remote Monitoring Systems Water Air Quality Industrial IoT Monitor Sensors 70And there’s deserts like the Middle East, where it rarely rains and water is a really precious resource. However, they’ve got enough money to make it feasible to bring an iceberg to the UAE. Will they do it? Take a gander at this story for more on how these iceberg cowboys are hoping to be the first folks to tow an iceberg thousands of miles and kilometers.

Tools.Valarm.net Water Monitoring Wells Depths Flow Meters Industrial IoT Internet of Things Applications Water Resources Management Sensors Map DashboardNow how does today’s technology help with all of these water resources management needs? These stories all tie together in the fact that water monitoring systems help to effectively address all of our water needs. After all, how many days can you and your family live without water?

Sensors and Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) make it easy to remotely monitor water. Whether it’s water levels and flooding, water quality like pH, or monitoring water usage and water wells, we’ve got to make sure we’re making the most of what we’ve got.

Tools.Valarm.net Industrial IoT Remote Monitoring Sensors Air Quality Fire Risk Weather Pollution Web DashboardsHardware manufacturers around the world make rugged, reliable sensors for monitoring water and fluids. For example, level sensors are made by companies like Flowline, In-Situ, and Senix. And flow meters are made by businesses such as McCrometer and EKM Metering. All of your various sensor hardware integrates to make an efficient water monitoring system with web-based cloud software.

industrial-iot-remote-monitoring-sensor-telemetry-tools-valarm-net-water-air-quality-sensorsQuestions? Want to Learn More?

I’m here to help you, your teams, and your organization deploy your most effective water monitoring systems.

Please don’t hesitate to talk to me at Info@Valarm.net if you’ve got any questions.

Remotely Monitoring Water Levels, Usage, Groundwater, Rain, Fluids, and Floods

How and why do you need to monitor water? Water monitoring systems are more important than ever as the precious resource seems to come in quantities that are too much or too little.

Having too much water and rain is causing an increase in flooding in areas like North Carolina and Texas. Could it be climate change?

How about storing excess water underground to use at a later time when you’ve got a drought? This ‘thinking outside the box’ idea is used in California, Florida, and the pacific northwest in the U.S. Now Houston, Texas, is considering what they can do. Along with the help of hydrologists and engineers, this article details how Texas is researching how rainwater can be quickly pumped so it can avoid dangerous flooding conditions.

Tools.Valarm.net Remote Monitoring Air Quality Water Pollution Industrial IoT Monitor Sensors 9Water quality and drinkable water is critical for you and your family. However, even as a water works case was won by farmers that should have helped with water pollution, the water is still polluted in Iowa according to this story.

What can you do about the need for better water monitoring?

How do you deploy effective water monitoring systems?

industrial-iot-water-monitoring-air-quality-pollution-remote-internet-of-things-sensor-devicesWater monitoring systems can be powered via any power source, like standard mains 110V wall outlets or a solar panel.

You can use the most appropriate internet connectivity for each deployment, whether it’s WiFi, GSM mobile cell network, or Ethernet.

Tools.Valarm.net Water Monitoring Wells Depths Flow Meters Industrial IoT Internet of Things Applications Water Resources Management Sensors Map DashboardSensor systems measure fluids and regularly report values to a tools website where you can configure air quality or water warnings and alerts.

Do you need flexible flood monitoring systems for Smart Cities?

Open platforms like Tools.Valarm.net let you combine and integrate water and fluid sensors made by any hardware manufacturer like Flowline, Senix, In-Situ, Atlas Scientific, Geokon, Vaisala, Campbell ScientificEno Scientific, Omega, and McCrometer.


industrial-iot-remote-monitoring-sensor-telemetry-tools-valarm-net-water-air-quality-sensorsWant to learn more about water monitoring systems and remote sensor solutions?

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